About us

LABIGADDRESS is the first communication solutions platform based on 3 levers

The access to adapted and tailored services & offers
to communicate better.

The access to exclusive and/or disruptive support media & offers
to access your target audience (BtoB or BtoC).

The access to fundings
to fund one’s communication (crowd funding, loan on trust, fixed-rate loans, subsidies, media for equity).

  • The ROI at the heart of innovative companies
    To plan, control and optimise your investments, LaBigAddress created the BigTips, our very own currency, to give you access to all of our services. The BigTips are easily purchased on our website by credit card, bank transfer or with PayPal. The more BigTips you buy, the cheaper it gets! Benefit from the loyalty program specifically designed for you.
  • Our Big Idea for innovative companies
    Just like you in your job, LaBigAddress has decided to shake things up in traditional communication agencies to offer solutions that you need for your global and tactical communication. LaBigAddress is a network of communication professionals at your service with a new and fully-digitalised way of interacting that is based on reactivity, expertise and service, in real time or collaborative. Whether you are an « incubating » company or not, looking for funds to develop or even if you wish to enter new markets, discover our ecosystem dedicated to communication solutions for innovative companies.
  • The communication MARKETPLACE for innovative companies
    LaBigAddress is a marketplace dedicated communication for start-ups and small to medium-sized companies that offers all our solutions in a click:
    • Packaged or ad hoc offers and services, specifically dedicated to growing companies.
    • Individual meet-ups to share your experience, expose your needs to qualified experts from your world or other!
    We have created LaBigAddress that is just like you: an innovative company. And just like all these companies, we constantly offer new usages, new products and services. We also know that innovative companies generate added value with new investment and funding methods. Just like us, you wish for your project to remain our priority and you need clear, turnkey and evolving solutions. LaBigAddress offers communication solutions to help you grow!
  • about us number startup 449 START-UPs/SMEs/ETIs
  • about us number partenaire 148 Partners
  • about us number expert 26 Experts
  • about us number date 74 Meet-ups organized
  • about us number bigtip 15384 BigTips used
  • about us number projet 268 Projects completed

All of our communication solutions for innovative companies

The Offers

To support your development, communication levers must be activated with devices or just disparate tools to put in place.
To choose the tools that are suited for you at the right time, the Offers list « à la carte » services to create or optimise your visual identity, your online and off-line supports design, your presentation documents, your communication operations and all the other available tools to ensure an optimum visibility for your clients.

Discover the Offers

The Packs

Some development stages in growing companies are more important than others. To guide you in the communication levers to activate during these steps, discover the Packs: Full devices to help you grow when raising funds/looking for funds to develop or to support you entering new markets.

First step
All the necessary elements for a new company to exist and to ensure a presentation to an investor…

Pack Event
A full pack to ensure an optimum visibility during a show or an event.

Pack identity access
Essential tools to work on the basis of an identity when creating a project.

Discover the Packs

The Meet-ups

Our qualified experts from the start-up/PME/ETI/entrepreneur world are at your disposal for individual meet-ups. Exchange on best practices, share your experience and questions. These organised meet-ups with renowned professionals will give you a fresh outlook on your project and, without a doubt, new tools to develop your business.

Discover the Meet-ups


The Hub allows you to easily present all of your specific issues, needs and expectations through a form. As it will be presented to expert professionals from the innovative companies world, they will be able to give you a detailed and tailored response together with the most relevant operation to put in place.

Discover the HUB

LaBigAddress' FOUNDERS

  • Laurent
    Associate Director

    Strategist, advisor, designer, brand guide and entrepreneur, I have always had a passion for the idea: the smart idea! I believe that unity creates strength and that success is more the result of skills and minds coming together than it is of an individual expertise. It’s in my nature to be very curious, thirsty for stories and great encounters that make me, and us, grow.

    I dreamed of a marketplace that would be able to meet the real needs of those who, like myself, constantly reinvent themselves: innovative companies. A marketplace holding a real support promise and with a spirit of collaboration, effectiveness and accuracy.

    A marketplace that is attractive, that is designed for the ones challenging its model, that is constantly evolving, that closely listens to everyone and meets expectations; A good place to be to move forward… LaBigAddress.

    I will quote the one person who, to me, greatly challenged traditional models and who believed in himself, in his idea, in his project: « Art is not coming up with new ideas but interpreting the ideas that have always been around » – Georges Lucas.

    All is said… And proven.

  • Lydia
    Associate Director

    Creative, curious, jack-of-all-trades, I started by being an artistic director to embellish other’s ideas, but I quickly needed more. One encounter after the other, the desire to undertake, to have my own ideas and to create a business model that reflects who I am all became obvious.

    I dreamed of a marketplace that would make complicated processes easy thanks to creativity, which would inspire and bring creative answers that reflect the start-ups/SMEs/ETIs’ new ideas. Being pushed around and questioned with each request, each idea; That is our marketplace’s DNA.

    Einstein said « Creativity is intelligence having fun » so let’s have fun together by building and developing new ideas.

  • Manuel
    Associate Director

    Communicator, entrepreneur and digital expert, I have built my life around business ideas with the same thirst to meet new people, to learn, to take risks, to innovate, to push back boundaries and to offer different models by using or diverting innovations and technology to communicate better.

    I dreamed of a marketplace created by a start-up company, specifically and solely dedicated to the needs identified by growing companies and that would put the notions of collaboration and talents at the heart of its offers. A marketplace that would generate a real burgeoning ecosystem and make people want to share, innovate and communicate on LaBigAddress.com.

    The quote that I like the most and that suits me perfectly is from Oscar Wilde: « shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars». This sentence alone captures believing in yourself, in your dreams and trying to make it a reality through action to reach the goal set by one’s vision.

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