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Clear Channel France

Clear Channel is an actor in the city and a media of reality anchored in the street that allows brands and licensors to communicate in an inclusive, democratic and responsible way with more than 33 million citizen-consumers in a disruptive and innovative way. Thanks to our territorial network to communicate instantly in print or digital in a shopping center, a metro, a district, a city, a region or the whole of France, we innovate in the modes of interaction and engagement of the citizen-consumer. We are a full-fledged player in the “Smart society”, driven by strong values of proximity, creativity and equity, which is revolutionizing outdoor communication thanks to editorialized content with Brut and Jam as well as new citizen services. Clear Channel is currently present in 13 urban areas in DOOH as well as in 220 shopping centers.


  • Year of foundation: 1955
  • Group belonging: Clear Channel
  • Work force: Between 1,000 and 2,000 employees
  • OOH Display
  • DOOH Display
  • French
  • English


    • Just Eat
    • Made
    • Cheerz
    • Google
    • Tinder
    • Zalando