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Brain juice

A workshop enables new ideas to rise for the company or its products. Gathering persons with various but relevant profiles, making them react on a common topic to withdraw axis of strategic or operational development. This process must be prepared, both in choosing the persons to invite as in the way of leading the brainstorming to answer to a issue given. The goal is to succeed, at the end of the workshop, in formulating an exploitable answer to plan actions.

starting at 448€ excl. tax.*
starting at 448€ excl. tax.*

Detailed description of the offer

Terms & conditions
  • Identification of the profiles to invite, creation of a roadmap for the workshop
  • Timing: 1 day, in a meeting room, with a brainstorming leader for the exchanges in the workshop
  • At the end of the workshop, writing of a synthetic note that will then be used as a brief for positioning and setting the communication
  • Basis of 4 days (logistics excluded)

Pdf synthesis note

Time frame

8 working days


The brief must be handed in once the purchase is complete

see the brief

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