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Brand message

Even if a product or an idea is “pure genius”, it’s definitely not enough to give it the dimension it needs… To exist and to give meaning to your trade, formalising a brand strategy brings to light the company’s reason for existence and why people should care about it. A fight, a mission, a vocation… a company must tell a story to gain interest from investors, the media and its target audience. One example, Steve Jobs launched APPLE claiming « THINK DIFFERENT » and by positioning himself as a « status quo challenger », not only by explaining and showing how he had the best intuitive and user-friendly personal computer! Working on a brand message maximises your chances to be known, preferred and purchased for the quality of your brand commitment, beyond the product, the idea or the app!


starting at 3 528€ excl. tax.*
starting at 3 528€ excl. tax.*

Detailed description of the offer

Terms & conditions

Once the brief is completed to describe the context and goals:

  • 3 interviews with the company’s collaborators are led
  • Analysis et synthesis of these interviews
  • Synthesis report presentation
  • 1 rework on the synthesis report

Pdf synthesis report stating the brand strategy and the language elements for media, investors target

Time frame

4 weeks from the day of the interviews


The brief must be handed in once the purchase is complete

see the brief

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