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Charter & design – Website

A website’s graphic design is not enough anymore. Visitors expect/request an experience on the websites they visit. The experience notion is reinforced by the profile of these web users whose attention span is getting shorter. It is said they they should understand what is expected of them in less than a second, otherwise, they leave from the website. UX and UI cannot be separated but they cannot be mixed up. Limiting the user experience vision to the user interface does not enable offering a mature final product, meaning a functional and intuitive interface that keeps its promises and that is suited to an audience and your website’s goals.


starting at 7 504€ excl. tax.*
starting at 7 504€ excl. tax.*

Detailed description of the offer

Terms & conditions
  • Brief taking and written questions/answers exchange to clarify the need
  • Delivery of 2 graphic design proposals (artistic directions)
  • The best one is chosen by the company
  • Delivery of the wireframes for 3 main screens
  • UX validation by the company
  • Design and roll-out of 10 web-responsive screens (desktop and/or smartphone, and/or tablet) integrating UX and UI (intermediate deliveries for continuous validation)
  • Client feedback integration
  • Functional layouts validation
  • Integrated layouts presentation document
  • Png files
  • Psd files
Time frame

20 working days


The brief must be handed in once the purchase is complete

see the brief


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    • Hirundi
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* Price based on the purchase of a 200 BigTips pack