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Digital display (Ultra local)

Communicate on the leading outdoor digital offer in France by combining power and creative freedom! With this innovative and unique offer, Clear Channel offers you the possibility of communicating as close as possible to your points of sale by guaranteeing you 1 million contacts delivered. You will be able to choose the places where your campaign is broadcast from among our Malls and Outdoor assets, according to your communication objectives, and we take care of broadcasting your spot until the million guaranteed contacts are reached. Depending on the locations chosen, the duration of the campaign may vary.

starting at 72 

soit 4 032€ HT*
soit 4 032€ HT*

Detailed description of the offer

Terms & conditions
  • Sending of your spot to the Clear Channel broadcast service (5 working days before the broadcast date)
    Or production of your video spot by the Clear Channel studio
  • Reception of your brief by the Clear Channel media planning department, then reservation of the media space on Clear Channel totems, on the perimeter of your choice *
    Duration of the campaign determined in advance
  • Simultaneously, and if necessary, delivery to the Clear Channel creation studio of the elements necessary for the production of your spot 15 working days before the broadcast date (brief, storyboard if necessary, logos and vector elements, images, typos, etc.) (additional costs predictable)


* Subject to coverage of the desired area by Clear Channel


Digital display campaign (DOOH) on the totems of your choice *, with one million contacts delivered guaranteed


* Subject to coverage of the desired area by Clear Channel

Time frame
  • Existing spot: 5 working days before the broadcast date
  • Production of your spot: 15 working days from the delivery of the elements to the Clear Channel creation studio

The brief must be handed in once the purchase is complete

see the brief

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* Price based on the purchase of a 200 BigTips pack