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Immediate takeoff

Essentiel operations to speed up your development and emerge on the market.

By ordering this pack, you save by not individually purchasing each offer included in this pack!

Brand platform

Brand message

Press release – Crazily

Community management - 6 months

E-reputation report

Launch campaign


Marketing & communication resource – 3 months

Instead of 823 

Detailed description of the offer


You will find in this pack the following solutions:

  • Brand platform
  • Brand message
  • Press release
  • Community Management over 6 months
  • E-reputation report
  • Launch campaign
  • Event with speakers and target audience
  • Marketing-communication resource (10 days over 3 months)
Terms & conditions

With a structured exchange, design and creation of the elements listed

consult the roadmap

Time frame

The entire service takes place over a 12-month period

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    Experts in their field

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    Question? Need help?

    +33 (0)6 58 17 90 81

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    By bank transfer, cheque or with Paypal

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    Designed to easily and simply exchange on your solutions

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    I am above all a “creative” communicator, entrepreneur and digital expert. I have built my life around business ideas an with a never-ending thirst for meeting new people, knowledge, risks, innovation, extending the horizon and offering new models by using and changing technology innovations to communicate better. I will be pleased to exchange views with you on a brand strategy, a marketing offer, a new business model, digital transformation, e-Sport marketing, on developing service on mobile, on the creation of a brand platform and on the innovationg companies market in general…


    As an editorial Consultant, I use my journalist and copywriter skills for digital communication. I help brands finding the good speaking angles on their websites, blogs and social media, to effectively communicate with their communities. I then take action in the project implemention and community management. I love this constantly evolving field that makes us reinvent ever more creatives contents. To draw attention on the web, one must leave nothing undared, be a clever strategist and adapt to social media practices. If you are having trouble defining a relevant editorial line for your digital platforms, especially on your social media, let’s work on it together.
    starting at 112€ excl. tax.
* Price based on the purchase of a 200 BigTips pack