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Laurence Chavot-Villette

Expert in HR, BtoB and start-up marketing, I appreciate assisting a start-up, a small to medium-sized company and big groups in their employer brand, BtoB and communication consulting challenges. Each new project comes with a new challenge, a new context. This diversity feeds my curiosity and my involvement in each project. With however one constant element: the permanent soncience of the strong stakes that come with these subjects, the ability to bring rythme and expertise to each step of the projects. See you very soon to exchange views on your current challenge and work on it together!

starting at 112€ excl. tax.*
starting at 112€ excl. tax.*

Detailed description of the offer


A videoconference of 1 hour with the expert to:

  • Exchange on Expertise
  • Find the answers to your questions in these areas
  • Ask for advice
  • Co-Founder – AGENCE EPOKA
  • Executive Management – AGENCE EPOKA
  • Creation of the « Challenge du Monde des Grandes Ecoles et Universités » in 2009
  • Management of the 10 editions and design of the 11th digital edition « Stepstone Digital Challenge »
  • BtoB start-up communication Consultant (Ecorp Gaming, 01 Edu System, Qare, Monbanquet…)
  • BtoB offer redesign Consultant (design, business model, pricing, pitch deck, market entry) for private and public agents
  • HR Marketing
  • BtoB Marketing
  • Employer Marketing

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    +33 (0)6 58 17 90 81

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    Designed to easily and simply exchange on your solutions

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    Presentation video

    Scenario drafting around an idea to put forward your project thanks to a dynamic animation.
    starting at 2 352€ excl. tax.

    Vanessa Vincent

    Passionate about innovation and the digital transmortation that has been operating over the years, I have evolved in Big Groups for almost 20 years (Media & Tech/B2B/B2C) and created bridges with the start-up ecosystem by putting forward intra-entreprenor programs and even Digital Champions. I have created STRAT ME UP more than 4 years ago: The agent for corporates and start-ups to optimise their colaborations. I assist directly or with business incubators, investment funds, strat-ups for their 360¨ strategy, Business Development, coaching and influence network/lobbying, fundraising; through large corporate groups on an Open innovation dimension, training, Acculturation: or even for Institutional structures to put them in contact with innovating start-ups for their E&D programs. My passion: challenging your business vision and help you scale. At your disposal to move forward together.
    starting at 112€ excl. tax.

    Marketing & communication resource – 1 month

    Marketing & Communication support over 1 month.
    starting at 1 904€ excl. tax.

    Communication audit

    Communication audit with a diagnosis.
    starting at 1 288€ excl. tax.
* Price based on the purchase of a 200 BigTips pack