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Performance audit – Website

Why invest in investing in traffic acquisition if your website is not effective enough to change your visitors into clients? A website’s conversion capacity is directly linked to the user experience. And to top it off, the requirements change if your visitors use a Desktop version of your website or a smartphone one. Optimise your website and your acquisition campaigns’ profitability by undergoing an audit for your website’s interface. We identify the weak points in your click-stream and recommend actions to set up to increase the business performance of your website, as well as good practices to adopt. We eventually complete the audit with an analysis of your Google Analytics’ data.


starting at 5 936€ excl. tax.*
starting at 5 936€ excl. tax.*

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Once the brief is complete:

  • Desktop click-stream analysis on over a hundred control points (click-stream structure, browsing, ergonomics, information structure and hierarchy, CTA relevance, search engines, forms management, offer presentation, business speech, reassurance elements…)
  • Smartphone click-stream analysis
  • Complementary analysis with Google Analytcs data if the proper settings are implemented for conversion tracking

Pdf audit report for each consultation support with improvement recommendations for each identified issue + prioratisation of actions

Time frame

10 to 15 jours working days


The brief must be handed in once the purchase is complete

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