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World conquest

Tools and operations to conquer a new market segment/market to give a new dimension to your project.

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Brand message

Corporate film

Community management - 6 months

Press release – Crazily

E-reputation report

Annual communication plan

Launch campaign


Marketing & communication resource – 12 months

Instead of 1 416 

Detailed description of the offer


You will find in this pack the following solutions:

  • Brand message
  • Corporate film
  • Community Management over 6 months
  • Press release
  • E-reputation report
  • Annual communication plan
  • Launch campaign
  • Event with speakers and target audience
  • Marketing-communication resource (60 days overs 12 months)
Terms & conditions

With a structured exchange, design and creation of the elements listed

consult the roadmap

Time frame

The entire service takes place over a 12-month period

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    Experts in their field

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    +33 (0)6 58 17 90 81

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    Yael Kusch

    I have worked with big brands or organisations (Galeries Lafayette, Aegis Media, Aufeminin, Bally, Viva Technology, Les Napoleons) in France and overseas for 15 years, in communication and press/media management positions. I have then founded K&S EMOTIONS for innovative companies to benefit from my experience and expertise in Press and media relations. By defining together a storytelling powerful enough to procure significant press coverage, by imaking direct and personalised contact with journalists and influent media in their field, I create the best conditions for an exceptional visibility in media to develop their business, please the general public and special audiences but also reassure and convince potential investors.
    starting at 112€ excl. tax.


    I have always thought that the digital field is an opportunity to invent tomorrow’s practices. I have thus naturally chosen to evolve in changing environments, specifically in the aufeminin Group for which I am the general Manager. Media show the changes that all the industries go through today and invite us to innovate, to think differently, to be agile and to create new jobs and business models. I would be pleased to have an exchange with you concerning the following topics: An international strategy deployment, Research of innovative monetisation sources, storytelling drafting adapted to the target audience, understanding clients needs, development of new digital solutions (mobile, social, e-shop) and teams management to face digital transformation.
    starting at 112€ excl. tax.
* Price based on the purchase of a 200 BigTips pack